Employee Time Entry Approval

Last Edited 03/15/2015 Michael van Niekerk

If your company requires employees to approve their time entries you will have a notification on the payroll report. If your employees have not done so You can still finalize the payroll, however your administrator cannot complete the payroll until this is done.

To activate this feature for your employees follow these steps:

Go to Preferences-->General Account Info.


When you have selected this you will note that in payroll it's showing you "Awaiting on Approval". This means that the employee needs to approve their time before a manager can finalize the payroll. 


HourDoc has added a permission that gives them the ability to finalize the payroll with out needing the employee's approval.

For the employee to approve their time entries, the employee logs into their accounts, chooses TimeTracker then Time Entry Approval from the drop down menu. The employee can then choose the time entries to approve. Clicking on the Approve Time Entries button completes the approval process.



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