Payroll - Finalization and Payroll Generation

Last Update: 05/15/13

After you have reviewed all of the time entries, you are now ready to finalize the payroll and export to your payroll provider.


When you are done and finished with all your overrides, you need to click on the "Finalize Payroll Data for This Department" button. This sets this department to a 100% complete status. You need to do this for all the departments in order to export your Payroll.


1) Notice that the last department shows "7 out of 7 approved". 2) If you don't need to review every department you can click the "Finalize All Departments for Payroll" button.

This will mark all departments as approved, mark your payroll as 100% completed and will be ready and able to export.


If there are multiple managers responsible for completing this process for their own departments, the payroll manager can easily see who has finalized their department.


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