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HourDoc allows users to use physical time clocks to help track employee time. These clocks interface directly with the HD server eliminating the need for import files to be transferred from one system to another.


There are several types of time clocks that you can choose from to service your employees: standard swipe clocks, biometric units and hand geometry readers. HourDoc also offers a text messaging platform allowing remote employees to send their time in via SMS. It is important to contact your HourDoc customer service representative to finalize the clock setup.

The setup for each clock is essentially the same. You need to choose which clock you have and assign it to a location, then you can assign the employee to the clock. Each employee needs to be assigned with a clock ID badge / number. This number is a unique identifier for that employee and that clock. Because the HourDoc platform is universal, you can use any system interchangeably. For example, you can clock in via the web, then clock out with a physical time clock at the end of the day.



Create a new time clock by selecting the “create new time clock.” Then select the current personnel button. If there are employees already assigned to this clock, select this box to add assign new employees to the clock.



Select the drop down menu and choose the employee that you would like to assign an employee number to. Fill in the time clock number with any number that you wish to have and hit the Associate Personnel. Repeat this process until all personnel are associated.



In the event that you need to change an association, hit the red “x” button on the right, confirm the deletion, and re-associate the correct information.



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