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Wall Mount Installation

• The unit is prepared for wall mount installation and has two 7/8” and one 1” pre-cut access holes for cables to enter the enclosure from the rear.

• There are two 7/8” knockouts located at the bottom of the 2062 terminal base. If needed, an antenna knockout is at the top right of the base. Remove knockouts required for your installation before mounting the base.

• Use the 2062 terminal base as a template to locate the mounting holes. Securely attach the 2062 to the wall using an appropriate anchor method for the wall construction.

• The recommended height for the terminal base is four feet above the floor. The base must be within six (6) feet from a power outlet if a power pack is being used in the installation (see input power requirements).


Operational Specifications
Operating 0o to 50o C (32o to 122o F)
Storage -20o to 70o C (-4o to 158o F)
Humidity 0% to 90% non condensing
Power 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 0.6 A



Wall Mount Grounding

Note: In high ESD situations and additional ground wire is recommended

• Connect the wire to a suitable building ground, such as a driven ground rod.

• Remove the nut from the #6 stud from the ground bus bar.

• Crimp a #6 ring terminal to a 16 gauge or larger wire, which is to be run to an appropriate grounding point outside of the G2 terminal.

• Reassemble - Place the ring terminal on the ground stud above the ground bar. Add a lock washer above the ring terminal then replace the nut.

• Using an ohmmeter, check to see if the ground bus and base unit are attached to the ground wire.




Ethernet Connection and UPS / Power Connections

The back of the Genus® terminal provides connections for many installation options.
The one identified in the picture below is for the Ethernet Connection.

• Ethernet Connection – Plug the Ethernet CAT-5 cable into the Ethernet Port (distinguished by the silver connector)


Power Pack - Plug the power pack (if supplied) into the G2 Terminal power port. Wait until the entire installation is completed before plugging the power pack into an AC 110 volt outlet.




Installations with UPS option - When a UPS is part of the Terminal installation, the UPS is pressed firmly into the Terminal base until it snaps in place, and the spring tab makes contact with the inside top of the base.

• Momentarily depress the disconnect switch located on the top of the UPS to ensure the battery is disconnected. Should the yellow LED be lit the disconnect switch must be pressed again.

• Plug the power pack connector into the left side of the UPS and plug the power cable from the UPS to the power port on the Terminal


Note: New UPS Modules may be shipped less than fully charged. Depending on the degree of charge, the UPS may require power for up to 20 hours to obtain full charge.


Clock Initiation

Make sure that your clock is connected to a power supply and turned on. Your clock will go through a setup screen and connect to the time management system. Your clock is now ready for admin configuration


Admin Enrollment

Select the Bio Enroll button on the lower right hand side. Your first enrollment will be for the administrator of the clock. Assign a PIN number that is four digits. The GII will ask you to enroll two fingers, enroll the first, then the second. Your clock is now ready for employee enrollment.


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