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Last Updated 05/04/2012

The home page of HourDoc is where all information for you company can be accessed quickly with pre-set fields and notifications.



Your dashboard can be customized and arranged for your personal preferences. To move the dashboard around, simply grab the header of the section that you want to move and drag it into one of the three spaces.


To add a dashlet just click on "Add Dashlets"



Simply click on the dashlet you would like to add.

A Green checkmark appears when selected.

Click "close window" when done.



Your Reports section contains reports that you have created and need access to. This allows you to go quickly to the results without having to re-create new reports. If you created a report that had a pre-configured setting, such as current work week, this report will reset itself automatically when a new work week begins. You can have a unlimited amount of reports in this



Notifications - choose each heading to directed
Day Off Requests - if an employee has made a day off request, the number will be blinking.

Swap Request - if employees are wishing to swap scheduled shifts

Who’s Clocked In - shows all employees who have clocked in

Who’s not Clocked In - any employee who has not clocked in

Renew Request - Any employee who is trying to update their skill status and let managers know.




Payroll Progress






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