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Last Updated 05/03/2012


This page lists the current day off requests from your employees. To view the details of each request, click the “Edit” button.

The default view for viewing the days off is to display only those pending requests. Deselect the option to view more or all entries.

By selecting either the Days Off tab on the menu bar, or from the Day Off Request from under notificiations, you will view all of the days off that have been requested. If you have managers that have only certain departments or employees assigned to them, they will only see those for whom they are responsible.





This is what the results look like.



Edit Day Off Requests and Approval Status

You can edit the approval status as well as choose to deduct the hours from the employee’s availability and pay the hours. This is done by selecting the "edit" button.






When the request is approved or denied, it is automatically updated in the employee’s account and added to the payroll report if applicable.

The Days Off module in HourDoc also allows you to set only the vacation day types that your company uses. Go under preferences, then choose day off accrual rules. Under the right hand side, select Day Off Type Settings. Here you can active or in-activate the types of request

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