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All of your reports can be found in the “Reports” drop down menu. Reports in HourDoc can be run by personnel, department or location.

All Available Reports

The complete list of all reports. This can be seen as the "Index page" of the Report section.


Attendance Report

A report for comparing the schedule of your company against the actual time the employee arrived. Constraints can be set for early or late arrival.


Birthday Report

Based on your employee settings, this report shows all birthdays for the time frame that you choose.


Client Tracker Report offers a time and billing system, please see page (#) for more details. This report allows your time entries to be shown according to how much time the employess spend with clients that your company services.


Job/Phase Report

The job/phase report captures the data that your employees have worked against the jobs that they have been assigned to. This information is also availalbe in the payroll as well.


Day Off Accrual Report

Based on the PTO / Vacation accruals that have been set for your company and for each employee, you can see the amounts that are available for each employee.


Day Off Type Report

This allows you to capture all of the requests that have been made and review them against employees and time frames.


Paycode/Expence Report

Displays expenses / paycodes from employees for any time frame.


Personnel Report

Allows custom querying of information for company wide information.


Payroll Report

View all Payroll information from any pay period.


Payroll Distribution Report

Displays payroll distribution information by department and from predifined time frame.


Scheduler Report

Displays all of the personnel and their scheduled time for pay periods.


Skills Report

Shows all of the skills that employees are assigned to and when they will start receivng information on when those skills are going to expire.


Time Tracker Report

This is one of the main reports that HourDoc provides as a way for you to see all of the information that HourDoc has captured for each employee. All the information from this report can be manipulated in any way to provde concise and detailed information for the company to evaluate the labor management and work force activities.


Graph It

Through this feature, all information in the system can be displayed in a clean and an easy to read graphing interface.


Manager Permission Report

This report shows permission and personnel that are assigned to each manager.


Compa Ratio Report

Displays Departmental Personnel, Compa Ratio Comparisons, Personnel Compa Ration with department information, grade, pay rate, ratio and formula.


FMLA Report

Generates personnel on Family/Medical Leave with type, date, comments and status information.


Audit Report

Evaluate the quality standards of your company. This report generates information from almost every feature in your HourDoc account.



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