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Last Updated 05/14/2012


This report generates all hours broken down by regular, overtime, holiday, holiday x2 and days off.

Click the “Times” button to view each individual time entry. You can edit time entries or create a new entry from this window. This report will export to Excel and can be set up on auto-notify.


When you view times from this report, you will be able so see all of the entries that are associated with this person. What this means is that if the employee worked in multiple departments, multiple jobs or other locations, all of that data will show up. If you select a job, and view its times, those entires for that particular job will be in black. The rest of the entries, which are in other areas where the employee worked, will be a shade of blue.

The TimeTracker report will display all of the results in decimal time. When you look at the TimeTracker directly from the menu tab, those times are displayed in hour time format. This will be the main difference betweent the two view. Also, the TimeTracker menu option will not calculate any overtime or holiday entries. Those must be viewed in a report, i.e. the TimeTracker report or payroll.


Once your reports are created, you can use the tool bar at the top of the results to sort your data. Each drop down displays your information according to that criteria. After having the desired view, you can export that exact data set to excel. The list of characters on the upper left allows you to get information quickly, such as last name, or department.

Click the “View Time Entry Details” button if you would like to view all time entries associated to this report. This makes for a simple view of all entries for the time period that you have generated the report, rather than selecting each line item for each employee. Once you select this option, you can still sort by name and location.


As with other reports, when you expand the view to see all of the time details, you can export that data to excel showing all of the time entry details. Each line item will be displayed in a seperate column in excel.

In the report you also have the ability to change some of the filtering options, by clicking on the header of each column. Notice that once you clicked on one of the headers (in this case Holiday), this moves up all the employees with Holiday hours to the top, descending from high to low, or from low to high. (please see the orange arrow to indicate the sort-by style)




Export to Payroll Provider

When creating a new Timetracker Report enable the "Payroll Export" option.

You will see that the new report will have a new button called Export to [payroll provider]. ex. Export to ELM Staffing.

This fuction will allow you to export directly to your payroll provider.

When finished you can click on the same button again and it will take you to the following screen:

This is a list of all the exports you have completed.

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