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This report will show your employee’s earned, available and used days off for the current calendar year.



The below image displays how to setup the parameters of the report



Step 1 - This allows you to generate the report based on 

  • Personnel
  • Departments
  • Locations
  • Workgroups


Step 2 - This setting will determine what day off approvals to include in the report.

The first option will include approved hours up to the “carry over” date that is defined in the Day Off Approval Rules.

The second option will include approved hours up to today’s date.


Step 3 - This is where you define the name for the report.


After Step 3 there are two check boxes, these allow you to apply the following settings to the report.

  • Only view eligible personnel in report - this setting displays only personnel that are eligible to accrue days off
  • Link report to home page - this setting links the report to your Home page for easy access.


Once all parameters are set, select "Generate Report".


Once the report is created you can select "view results".



The report displays all active Day Off Types that your account has setup.

Here you can view an employees Carry-over, Earned, Used and Available.



You can change an employee’s day off balance by clicking the “Adjust” button.



Increase the amount in the “Carry-Over (Adjust)” field if you want to increase the vacation or sick time available for the employee. To reduce the hours available you will need to decreases the amount. You can input a negative number in this field in order to correct the employee’s availability.

This screen allows you to override accrual details to all displayed fields.

Click the "submit" button when you are done.



All changes are tracked and can be viewed by clicking the “History” button.





On the report results page you can view the amount of accruals an employee has been awarded, when the accruals were awarded and how many hours were awarded per accrual.

This is done by hovering over the Earned value next to an employees name.



The same can be done for Used hours. 

This is done by hovering over the Used value next to an employees name.



Another great feature is "Export Balances as of last carry over" feature.

This button allows you to export the carry over data for the previous year. Simply click the button to create a .csv export file.

The data in the file correlates with the data in the History screen.




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