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Last Updated 09/19/2012


The ClientTracker offers you the ability to track job time specifically to a particular client. Jobs are not limited and can be allocated or limited to any employee.

Opening up Client Tracker displays the screen below. Client name, date added are the only two headers. To access the client information itself, select the edit button.


To manage the jobs that have been assigned to the client, select manage jobs. From this screen you can easily determine which employees have been assigned to which job. In the event that there are a large number of employees, a scroll box will be displayed.




The Client Tracker is enabled as per employee setting. It is found in employee preferences under the heading of Client Tracker.

When the employee logs into their account, the Client Tracker will be displayed on the left hand side of their page. The Client Tracker is broken down into 2 parts, what is currently being tracked and the ability to select a different client.



To start tracking time, there are two options. One is to select the client from the drop list located on the bottom of the Tracker, and the second is to choose the client if it is already in the Previously Tracked Time boxes. If an employee has already tracked time to a client, the most recent 4 clients and their jobs will show up in the Previously Tracking Time boxes. Once the employee is ready to track time, the following screen will show:


On this screen, the employee can either submit the form and begin tracking time immediately, or they can make an entry for after the work has already beencompleted.

Create new Client

To create a new client, simply hit the Create New Entry button on the far right of your screen. The HourDoc system will track infinite amount of clients.


When you select Create New Entry, the box at the left appears. When you are creating a client, you have the option to set a default rate, which applies to all entries created. In creating and assigning a new client, you may also only allow certain employees to have access to that client. To select multiple employees, hold down your control key as you select the employees with the click of your mouse. When the employee logs into their account, they only see the clients assigned to them.


HourDoc also offers a reverse way to assign clients. You may have hired a new employee and need to assign that person to many or a few clients. By selecting the Assign Client button, shown above, you will have the option to assign multiple clients at once to one employee.



Assign Jobs to Clients

Once you have created the client, you need to create specific jobs for that client, such as accounting, payroll, etc. To easily manage your jobs, select the Manage Jobs button located under each of the clients heading, as shown here.


When you select the manage jobs button, you now have several options. First is the simple creation of a job.  You are allowed to create jobs in groups of three. Just as any feature in HourDoc, the amount of Jobs has not limit. In creating a job, you can also specify a rate that pertains to each job.


After creating a job, you need to assign employees to that job. The box to the right contains all of the employees that were assigned to the client in the client setup screen discussed on the previous page. To select multiple employees, hold down the control key. If you create an employee, and then need to remove them, simply select the red X next to the employee name and they are removed.

Your Client Tracker is now ready for use by the employee.

Assign Clients to Employees

Go to Preferences --> Client Tracker.

Click on "Assign Clients".

Select the employee from the drop-down.

Then choose the client you wish to assign.

NOTE: Multi-select by holding down the "Ctrl" key and clicking on multiple clients.

Click the "Assign Clients" button.


Do you want to know how to generate a client tracker report? Follow this link:

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