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Employee Login and Dashboard

 1. Fill in the fields with the username and password that you have been assigned. If you have not received that information or you do not know it, click on the "Forgot your login" link to retrieve that data.




2. Clock in by simply clicking the green "Clock-in" button.



3. To start a break, choose the yellow "Begin Break" button.



4. To end your break, use the "End Break" button.




5. To clock out at the end of the day, use the red "Clock Out" button.



Request Day Off

1. To request a day off, choose the "Create New Request" from the Days Off menu in the tool bar.



The blue stat box showsyou the most current data for your PTO balances. This balance is up to date as of all approved requests.


 2. Fill in the Request Name, Requested Type and any comment that is necessary for this request. You can either choose to fill out the days by clicking the calendar at the left, or choosing up to 10 days with the drop down menu.

Once you have made the request, it will be displayed with all of the other requests that have been made since using the system. The red dot means that it has not been approved or it has been denied. If the request has not been approved, you can edit the entry by clicking the edit button on the right.


Time Tracker

Use the TimeTracker > View all entries menu to search for time punches. This page will display the raw data and you will need to run a TimeTracker report under
reports to have overtime calculations displayed.


1. Using the drop down menu you can limit the time frame automatically.

2. If you want to search for a specific date and time frame, you can input those values into the date boxes provided.

3. After you have limited the time frame for the information that you are looking for, make sure and hit the Find Entries button to perform the query.

4. The data that is displayed is sorted by the most recent date first. Using the headers across the top, you can sort the data as needed.



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