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Last Updated 05/23/2012


The payroll report gives you a summary of the payrolls you select in step 2 of the report.  This is useful to see a group of payrolls on one screen at one time.  It is probably more useful when looking up a group of employees or a single employee, rather than all employees in the company at once.

Begin new Payroll Report

Go To Reports –> Payroll Report

Click on "New Payoll Report".

Step 1 — From this dropdown, you can select the search criteria.

Leave the default "ALL" or choose a number of employees to view:

Click the "Find Personnel" button and select the employee for each row (in the example above there is just one row for one employee).

Step 2 — Select the time frame from the predefined list.  This list is comprised of your previously created payrolls.  Note that the list shows the name of the payrolls and not specific date ranges which is why it's always a good idea to use a good naming convention for your payroll files.

Step 3 — Give your report a name.

Click the "Generate Report" button.

View Report

Once the report is created you are taken to the overview page showing all previously-created payroll reports. Click the "View Results" button on the desired report.

The report is sorted by department.

To view specific times of an employee, click the "View Times" button and see a detailed time entry summary for the payroll period.


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