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The audit report is used to determine if information in your account has been added, deleted, or updated within a certain time frame.  The report is in beta phase and we do not guarantee the results.

Begin a new Audit Report

Begin a new Audit Report by clicking on the "Begin New Report" button in the top-right corner.


Step 1 - Search

Simply select a field you would like to run an audit report.  This is the "what" of the report.

List of Options:

ClientTracker Locations Personnel Listing
Day Off Type Settings Manager Associations Input Personnel Time Clock Associations
Days Off Manager Associations Listing Personnel Wage History
Departments Managers Shifts
Employment History Messenger Time Clocks
General Account Information Payroll Timesheet Entry
Holidays and Events Personnel Associations TimeTracker
Jobs/Phases Personnel Job Associations Vacation/PTO Settings    

OnBoarding Options:


Authority for Release of Information Form G-4(GA) Form W-4
Consent to Drug Testing Form HW-4(HI) Form WH-4(IN)
Employee Direct Deposit Form I-9 Form WT-4(WI)
Employee Handbook Acknowledgment Form K-4(KY) Non-Complete Agreement
Employee Notice (TX) Form MW 507(MD) Personal Profile
Employment Agreement Form NC-4(NC) Property Checklist
Form A-4(AZ) Form OH-4(OH) Wage Agreement
Form CA-4(CA) Form VA-4(VA) Personnel


Step 2 - For

For this step simply select a function (how the "what" was changed).

List of functions:

  •     Add
  •     Edit
  •     Delete
  •     Approve
  •     Archive
  •     Finalize Payroll
  •     Undo Payroll
  •     Override Payroll
  •     Deny Days Off

Step 3 - Time Frame

Select a start and end date.

Step 4 - Report Name

Give your report a name. If you choose to link this report to your homepage enable the check-box.

Step 5 - Share With

This feature allows you to share this report information with other managers.

Here you can enable the feature to link this report to the chosen shared persons by enabling the check-box.


Click "Generate Report".

View Report

After you generate the new report will show in the Audit Report main screen (Reports –> Audit Report)

Click the "View Results" button to view your report.


Each Report will look different depending on the firs 2 steps of creating a new report.

This is an example of "Personnel Listing - Edit".


Please remember that this report is not guaranteed and not supported.  We provide it for convenience purposes only.

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