Reports - Client Tracker

The Client Tracker Report allows the user to see the total worked time of specific Clients, Jobs and Departments.

  1. Choose the client/clients. (Use your "Ctrl" button to select multiple clients)
  2. Select employees.
  3. Select the Department
  4. Give your report a name.
  5. Select the timeframe
  6. The Misc.Options section offers you a selection of Invoiced / Non-Invoiced or Approved / Un-Approved time entries. If you require both options you can simply select "both".
  7. To hide the Amount due or Sub-totals, enable the checkboxes.
  8. Override settings will override default settings in the ClientTracker setup for this report

Click the "Generate Report" button.


You can save this detail directly to an invoice by clicking the "save results to invoice" button.

This will save the report information in PDF format.

To access your invoice, click on the PDF link:

Like any other HourDoc reports, you can export to Excel.

For information on using ClientTracker, see the following link:

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