Paid Breaks

How To Enable Paid Breaks

Go to Preferences --> General Account Info and click on the TimeTracker tab.


Enable the "Activate Paid Break" check box.

Now click the "Save Account Settings" button at the bottom of the screen.


Employee Screen

The employee home screen will have an extra button where they can choose between taking a normal break or taking a paid break

(This screen will show right after the employee clicks the "Clock In" button)


When the employee selects the paid break function, they will need to End Paid Break before they are able to clocking out. The clock out button and Begin break button will be grayed out and will not be able to click them until you end the paid break.


Once the employee ends the paid break, they are able to clock into a normal break again or clock out.



TimeTracker Entry

When the employee clocks in with a paid break it will be marked in the system.

You can find this by going to TimeTracker --> View All Entries

Then click edit on the employees time entry.


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