Web-Clock IN Error

Web-Clock IN Error


This article is about employees/managers receiving a “TimeTracker has been disabled” error. We will create a scenario for you where the employee received this error message and how you as a manager can resolve this issue.

First off we need to understand the different types of IP addresses:

Static / Dynamic / Global

A public IP address can be static or dynamic.

Static IP addresses do not change, and is used primarily for hosting websites or services on the Internet. Some gamers and people who use Voice Over IP(VOIP) regularly also prefer static IPs because it can make communication easier. Normally ISP’s charges an extra amount for Static IP addresses.   

Dynamic IP addresses are included in your package at no extra costs and chosen from a pool of available addresses with expiration dates that varies from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Most computers have a dynamic public IP address, as it is the standard type of address that is assigned.

There are multiple reasons why your Dynamic IP changes. The most likely reasons are:     Router reset/IP Lease Expires. When you have a Dynamic IP from your ISP, your router gets a lease on an IP address from your ISP (The Lease agreement on the IP also differs from each ISP to ISP on how long your Router gets to use that IP).

A Global IP or better known as a Public IP is used by HourDoc for the Web Based Clock. In the General Account Info page of a client account there is text box field to enter IP addresses. If these fields are left opened the system will not allow any employee to clock in from any computer. For this to work you need to gather the Global IP address for each computer.


In our scenario we will look at the quickest way on how to get a Global IP and entering this into HourDoc to resolve the issue at hand.

Scenario:  The employee gets to the office and Logs in to HourDoc.  The employee noticed the following error message on his home page (Clock-In screen):

- TimeTracker Deactivated -TimeTracker has been deactivated because we do not recognize this computer to be a part of your company's network. If you believe this to be in error, please contact Sam Winchester to get this resolved. Send E-mail to Manager. Your external IP address may need to be updated in HourDoc preferences.  (See Screenshot 1).


The process to resolve this issue: (This can be done by any manager with the permission for the “General Account Info” for the company – usually Supermanagers).


  1. Get all the new Global IP addresses.
  2. Remove all the old IP addresses.
  3. Enter all the new IP addresses.
  4. Limit Personnel with IP addresses.

1.Get all the new IP addresses.

In this step you will need to open any browser from each of the employee’s computers and go to this link – . We know this could seem a bit funny but this site has turned out to be the best and quickest way for you to see what you’re Global IP/ Public IP is.


2.Remove all the old IP addresses.

2.1    Log in as a Supermanager and go to Preferences->General Account Info.


Under the TimeTracker Settings, see the “Allowed IP addresses for remote time tracking” section with text boxes below.


2.2    Remove the IP addresses from the text boxes. 



3. Enter the new IP addresses.

3.1    Enter the new IP addresses into the fields. Enter only one IP address per field.


4. How to Limit Personnel to a certain computer with a IP address. 

If you want to limit a certain employee to a specific computer do the following:

4.1    Enter that same Global IP into the employee’s “General Info” page.

4.1.1     To get to the employee’s “General Info” page do the following:

              Go to Preferences->Personnel.


4.2   Search the employee. There are 2 ways of doing this.

    4.2.1 Type in the employee name in the search bar.


     4.2.2 Use the alphabet buttons, all the employee’s are surnamed placed first and alphabetically listed.



4.3 Click on the employee’s name to go the “General Info’s” page.



You will find the same text boxes for the IP addresses in this for the employee as in the company’s account page.



If you leave these text fields blank with NO IP addresses added, the employee will be able to login from any of the computers you have added the IP addresses for in the main General Account Info page. When you type in an IP address into the employee’s General Account Info page they will be limited to that IP address and will not be able to clock IN via our Web Interface from any other PC.

I hope this scenario/user story helped you solve your problem. 

Note: Articles like this one are created due to repeated issues that can be resolved directly from the user’s side and does not need to contact HourDoc support. This is because HourDoc is a Self Service product and our agents are there to assist, but prioritizes serious issues like Bug Fixing and Critical Payroll issues .

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