Home Screen


The Home Screen is the landing page after logging in on as an employee. It allows you to clock in/out, begin/end a break or add time entries to the schedule for either the current or previous pay periods.


Clock in / Clock out

By selecting the “ Clock in/Clock out” option, you are immediately logged out of your HourDoc account once your time entry is submitted unless you wish not to be logged out.


Select Location/Department

If you have more than one department assign to you, you can click on the drop down and select the correct department for that day.




Select a Jobs/Phases

If it is your company's policy to for you to select a job when tracking time, you can do that by selecting your Job/Phase from the drop down.



Begin / End a break

After you have clocked in, the options to begin a break or clock out are available to you:


After beginning a break, the option to end the break is the only option available:


Viewing the employee and company schedule

Your (the employee) schedule for the current pay period is displayed by default:

You can choose to view the company schedule by selecting the 'View Company Schedule' button:

Once this option is selected, the schedule for the company is displayed.


Adding your times to the time sheet

To add times to your time sheet, select the 'Add Entry' button on the applicable day. Once the button has been selected, a popup form will appear in which you need to add the details of the time entry (start time, break start etc.). All required fields are highlighted and need to be completely in order for the entry to be captured.



Once the form has been submitted, your time sheet will reflect the data entered:


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