TimeTracker - Time Entry Approval


This page allows you to approve your time entries for the current or previous time period.


In order to access the page you will select 'Time Entry Approval' from the TimeTracker toolbar:


After selecting the option, the screen will be displayed:


 Approving a time entry

One can either select to approve all time entries or one can select to approve the records individually:


Once you have selected either the individual or multiple (all) records for approval, one can add a remark in the field provided and then one clicks on the  'Approve Time Entries' button:


Your time entries will then be approved and notification of this action is displayed to you on the screen:


 Editing a time entry before approval

From this page one can also select to first edit the time entry before submitting the approval. In order to do so one selects the 'edit' button by the applicable record and the details will be displayed. One makes the required changes and then clicks on the 'Submit Form' button. The record will be updated and one can now approve the time entry:


 For information on the TimeTracker Report, please click on the link below:

  For information on TimeTracker View All Entries, please click on the link below:

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