Days Off - Create New Request


This page allows you to create and submit Day Off Requests for approval by your manager.


In order to access the page you will select 'Create New Request' from the Days Off toolbar:


After selecting the option, the screen will be displayed:


Creating a new request

To create the new request:

1) Fill in the Request Name field

2) Select the Day Off type from the drop down

3) Enter a Comment if you wish

4) Select the Number of Days you wish to take off from the drop down on the right

5) Either Enter or select the date (s) you wish to have off in the Date field

6) Enter the amount of hours in the provided field


If you are requesting to take time off for an extended period of time, you can click on the link provided and a calendar will be displayed wherein you can select the day off type for each day as well as enter the amount of hours you wish to take off for each of the days in question:



Once you have filled out the request form, you click on the 'Submit Form' button. Your request will then be submitted to the manager for approval and will be listed under all requests on the  'View Day Off Requests' page.


For information on how to view all your day off requests, please click on the link below:


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