Swapper - View Swap Request


This page lists all the swap requests you have made as well as swap requests sent to you by fellow employees.


In order to access the page you will select 'View Swap Requests' from the Swapper toolbar


 After selecting the option, the screen will be displayed:

Viewing and replying to swap requests from other personnel

Under 'Swap Requests Requiring Your Review' you will find all swap requests other employee have made with regards to swapping a shift with you:


To reply to the request one clicks on the 'Reply to request' button and from there you are able to see all the details and can either approve or deny the swap request:



If you select to 'Approve' the request (make the swap) the status of the record will be updated:

 Viewing swap requests you have sent to other personnel

Under 'Swap Requests You Have Made' you will find all swap requests you have sent to other personnel:


You can select to either cancel or delete the request by clicking on the 'cancel request' button or the 'X'. The request will then no longer be displayed:


 For information on how to create a new swap request, please click on the link below:

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