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This page allows you to view TimeTracker Reports you have already generated as well as it allows you to create a new TimeTracker Report for the desired parameters,


In order to access the page you will select 'TimeTracker Report' from the TimeTracker toolbar:


After selecting the option, the screen will be displayed:

Viewing an existing Report

To view a TimeTracker Report already generated, one clicks on the 'view results' button by the relevant Report and the results will be displayed:


If you would like to view the times for the entry, one clicks on the 'times' button and the time entry details will be displayed in a popup window:


Edit/view parameters for a Report

To view or edit the parameters for an existing Report you click on the 'edit/view parameters' button and the form will be displayed:


You can then make the required edits and once done, click on the 'Generate Report' button.You are then able to view the results of the edited Report

Exporting the Report

If you would like to export the Report or view it in excel one clicks on the 'export to excel format' button. A popup window will appear and one selects the required action ('Save file' or 'Open with').



Deleting an existing Report

In order to delete an existing Report you click on the red  'X'  by the relevant entry and a delete confirmation popup will appear:


After clicking on the 'OK' button, the Report will be deleted:

Creating a new Report

If there are no TimeTracker Reports listed you are able to create one by clicking on the 'Create a New TimeTracker Report' button and the parameter form will be displayed:

We added in new filter functionality for better filtering in you report.


You then enter the Report Name and can either choose the time frame to use from the drop down provided or can select to enter the Start and End Dates for the Report . After completing the required information you click on the 'Generate Report' button and the Report will be created:

You then click on the 'view results' button and the Report will be displayed:


 For information on TimeTracker View All Entries, please click on the link below:

  For information on time entry approval, please click on the link below:




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