Swapper - Create New Request


This page allows you to create swap requests with other personnel.


In order to access the page you will select 'Create New Request' from the Swapper toolbar:


After selecting the option, the screen will be displayed:



Creating a new request

To create the new request:

By default, the current pay period schedule will be displayed. If you would like to make a swap request for a different pay period, you select the pay period from the drop down

From the schedule, you click on 'swap' by the applicable record:


A popup form will then be displayed in which you must select the shift you are wanting to swap and you can add a message to the person you are requesting the swap from. Once this has been done you click on the 'Submit Form' button:


After submitting the form, a confirmation of the request will be displayed and the request sent off to the applicable employee:



If you click on 'View All Swap Requests' you will be re-directed to the View Swap Requests screen:


 For information on how to view swap requests, please click on the link below:

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