Time Clock - Enroll Employees on Biometric Clock (Genus I)

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Enrolling employees on the Genus G1 biometric clock is a straightforward part encompassing two main tasks:

  1. Enrolling the employee on the physical clock device
  2. Associate the employee's badge number to the clock in HourDoc
The entire process should take no more than five minutes from start to finish.

Enroll Employee on Clock

Make sure the clock is powered on and in "online" mode.  Press the "SUPV" key on the clock and type in the supervisor PIN and press "E" on the keypad.
Enter supervisor mode
  1. The first option is "Enroll."  Press "E" on the keypad to select that option.  You will then be prompted to enter the new employee's badge or ID number.  
  2. Use the numeric keys to enter the badge and press "E" to continue.  Now the employee is prompted for their 1st finger.
  3. Have the employee place his/her index finger squarely on the fingerprint reader.  The first crease of the finger should rest on the protruding edge directly below the sensor.  The clock will beep after first finger is accepted.  The employee is then asked for his/her second finger.  Have them place their middle finger on the sensor until it beeps.
  4. "Enroll" will appear on the screen again and you can repeat the process by following steps 1-3 above.
Enroll finger

Associate to Clock in HourDoc

Now that the employee is enrolled on the clock, you need to associate the badge number to the employee in HourDoc so the time entries are properly associated.  
  1. Go to Preferences > Time Clocks and click "current personnel" next to the appropriate time clock (Figure 1).
  2. Find the employee's name in the drop down list and select it.
  3. Enter the badge number that was used to enroll the employee on the clock.
  4. Click "Associate Personnel" to associate that badge number and employee to the clock (Figure 2).
Figure 1
Figure 2

Delete Employee from Clock

If you need to re-enroll or re-use another badge number, you'll need to delete the employee from the clock first.  

  1. Enter Supervisor mode as outlined above.
  2. Use the down arrow to scroll down to "DELETE" and press "E."
  3. Enter the employee's badge number and press "E."
  4. The clock will say "DELETED" to confirm the employee was removed from the clock.

Check for Enrolled Employee

To verify that an employee is enrolled in the clock:
  1. Enter the supervisor mode as outlined above.
  2. Use the down arrow to scroll down to "VERIFY" and press "E."
  3. Enter the employee's badge number and press "E."
  4. The clock will prompt for the employee's finger; employee places finger on the clock
  5. Clock will give message and beep in the affirmative if employee is found

View a List of All Enrolled Employees

To view a brief list of all enrolled badge numbers on the clock:
  1. Enter the supervisor mode as outlined above.
  2. Use the down arrow to scroll down to "LIST ENROLLED BIO" and press "E."
  3. The clock will quickly display all enrolled badge numbers.
This option has limited usefulness but gives a good, if brief, glimpse of how many employees are enrolled on the clock.

Lower the Sensitivity

Sometimes you will encounter an employee whose fingerprints do not work very well on the bio-sensor.  In these cases you can lower the sensitivity for a particular employee so the clock will more readily read his/her fingers.  Follow this link for Bio-Reader Adjustment:


Re-calibrate the Sensor

If you have repeated problems trying to enroll employees, the bio-sensor unit may need to be re-calibrated.  To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Enter Offline Mode by flipping the switch on the back of the clock to the offline position.
  2. Press the up arrow twice to get to "Sensor Options" or "Biometric Test" and press E.
  3. Use the arrows to scroll down to "Re-calibrate Sensor" and Press E.  DO NOT TOUCH THE SENSOR.  
  4. The sensor will recalibrate.
  5. When finished, return to Online mode by flipping the switch back to the online position.


For more information and to download a cheat sheet containing the commonly asked configuration and setup questions, please follow the link below:



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