How to Associate a New Employee to a Time Clock


1. Go to Preferences > Time clocks.
2. Choose the time clock that you want to associate to the employee and click on the current personnel button.

3. From the drop-down choose the employee and fill in the badge number that is required and click "associate personnel".

4. At the clock, enroll the employee with the badge number that you setup in HourDoc.


Steps for enrolling the badge number at the clock (for biometric clocks only)

(For more in depth instructions see this article.)

1. Hit the supervisor button.

2. Enter in the default password.

3. Scroll down the menu going to the Enroll Employee item.

4. Hit the OK (green) button.

5. Follow the steps on the screen.

6. Hit the home key to exit the menu and have the employee do several test punches to make sure that all is well.

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