Time Clock - Change Time Zone on Genus I Clock

Changing the Time Zone on a Genus I Clock

When shipped, Genus time clocks are set to Eastern Standard Time (EST) by default.  Changing the time zone will be necessary to get times to show up properly in HourDoc.  This procedure will take 2-3 minutes.  Note that this procedure can be followed for the Genus II clocks as well.

WARNING: We highly recommend changing the time zone at the end of a work day when no one is clocked in.  Changing the time zone while employees are clocked in could add or remove hours to their normal time entry, depending on your time zone.

  1. Set the clock to "off line" mode by flipping the switch on the back of the clock (pictured) to the appropriate position.  The clock will reboot.


  2. When the clock displays "Terminal Info?" press the up arrow six times or until you see "Setup Time Zone?" and press E.



  3. Use the up/down arrows to find the appropriate time zone (represented by its 3-character abbreviation) and press E when found.


  4. Once you see "Terminal Info?" displayed you can switch the clock back to "on line" mode.  The clock will restart again and employees can begin clocking in.


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