Time Clock - Enroll Employees on HandPunch GT-400

Enroll Employees

  1. Press "Manage" 
  2. Press "Enroll"
  3. Enter your supervisor badge number and press "Enter"
  4. Place your hand on the clock until it beeps in confirmation.
  5. Enter the badge number of the new employee to be enrolled and press "Enter"
  6. Have the new employee place their hand in clock, flat on the reflective table until it says to "remove hand."  It's helpful during this step to look at the hand diagram to the right of the number pad; when the red lights turn off, that means the employee's hand is properly placed. Once removed for the first time, the employee needs to repeat the hand placement procedure two more times.  This is to ensure a good average read of the hand.  After the third successful placement, the clock will beep and the screen will say that the employee has been enrolled.
  7. Press "back" or allow the clock to time out and go back to the home screen.

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