External Proximity Reader Configuration - Step by step guide

This is a step-by-step process of adding a proximity card reader to your Genus G1 clock for the purpose of employee time and attendance.


Separate the two pieces of the clock from each other


Remove the power and Ethernet cables.

Attach the proximity card reader to the Genus 1 wall mount.  You may use either the left or right hand side depending on your installation requirements.

You will have to punch out the plate covering the hole in order to feed the wires into the device so they aren’t exposed.

Remove the larger black piece labeled “DATA INPUT” from the clock. The screws on the piece will have to be loosened and tightened to secure the wires described in the next step.

You will use the black, red, green, and white wire to connect the proximity card reader to the “DATA INPUT” piece. Based on the diagram, you will insert the:

1.  White wire into the “DATA 1” port

2.  Green wire into “DATA 0,”

3.  Red wire into “+18 VDC,”

4.  Black wire into “GND.”

*There are two black wires, so make sure you use the one whose sheath is smooth like the white and green wire.

The remaining wires can be tapped or snipped to avoid making contact with the device.

Plug the “DATA INPUT” piece back into the clock once wired correctly.

With the switch placed on “OFF LINE,” feed the Ethernet cable through the back of the back piece and plug it in. Do the same steps for the power supply.

Once you have plugged the clock in it will initialize the setup into off-line mode.

Scroll until you see “Reader Setup,” then press the “E” key.

Your “Internal Rdr” will need to be set to “Biometric”.

Press the “E” key to continue through the options to find “External Rdr.” Once you have reached the “External Rdr” option, press the arrow keys until it reads, “Proximity.” This will allow the card reader to function while still allowing the Biometric Scanner to function. Exit out of Reader setup by pressing the "E" key until the TERMINAL INFO page displays.

Move the switch from the “OFF LINE” position to the “ON LINE.” This is going to make the device re-boot. Your employees will be ready to start clocking in once you see the screen that reads, “Select Function.”

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