Day Off Accrual Rules Settings

These settings allow the managers to set overall parameters for the requests that come through.


General Settings:




Begin date for PTO calculation: This option allows you to select the date from which the PTO accruals begins.


The Pay Period Last Began will automatically be used if no date is selected.

When do employees begin accruing days off?




  • “Days of Employment” (Select days from drop down)of the month after “x” days:  Select after how many days employees will begin accruing leave.
  • “Hours Worked” After “x” hours worked: Select after how many hours an employee will begin to accrue leave.
  • “Hire Date” Immediately upon being hired.




Here you can select whether the employee will begin to accumulate days either:

  • Immediately: The employee will begin to accrue hours immediately.
  • From Hire Date: with this selection you can choose the amount of days (0 – 365 days) that from the employees hire date they will begin accruing hours.


This process is only completed once. (Usually from the date of account setup)


Carry-Over Settings:


These are additional settings for the carry over options for the types that have been activated.

Should your company allow for hours accrued to be carried over, they can set the parameters to allow this to be completed from here. This will vary according to the selected options of Day Off Types.





If these fields are left blank the system automatically assumes that there will be no carry over.


Display Settings:


The following display setting are seen in various areas of the site as the employee applies for / views a day off request.





  • Display hours accrued to personnel?

This will display the total hours earned by the employee when they apply for a day off. This is displayed in the Blue Stats Box within the requests.




  • Display hours available to personnel?

This will display the total hours available to the employee when they apply for a day off. This is displayed in the Blue Stats Box within the requests.




  • Display carry-over hours to personnel?

This displays the carried over hours of the employee when they apply for a day off. This is displayed in the Blue Stats Box within the requests.




  • Display day off request warning?

This displays a warning notice that appears on a day off request. This option ensures that if there is no leave accrued by an employee they are aware that the leave will be deducted from their wages.




  • Enable PTO deduction box?

This is allows you to enable the option on whether the day off request type will be deducted from sick leave, vacation or if there will be no deduction.



These options are dependent on the Day Off types that you have available currently. Example: Should you activate “SalSick” as a day off type, this option will be available under you PTO deductions.


2.6a_Enable_PTO_deduction_box_-_not_enabled.png 2.6a_Enable_PTO_deduction_box_-_enabled.png


  • Enable Pro-Rata Calculations?

Selecting this option will allow the hours that are accrued to be calculated on a Pro-Rata basis within the accrual period on your day off accrual report. This means that it will not display the overall available but what has been accrued within the time frame worked by an employee.


Pro-Rata Enabled:



Pro-Rata Calculations Enabled:



This does not affect Yearly accrual as accrual is only awarded once a year.


Length of Service Settings:




Length of Services Settings: This allows you to set the parameters for time earned according to the length of time the employee has been working for the company.


Create new entry:




Per Day to Hours Worked:

Accrual happens after the period is passed; this means that Length of service should be set up as:

0-1 Years

1-2 Years

2-3 Years


Per Year:

Accrual happens at the beginning of the period; this means that Length of service should be set up as:

0-1 Years

1-3 Years

3-5 Years


If yearly accrual is setup to carry over on a general date:

The system calculates what the max allowed accrued amount will be and awards the employee that value.

The system does not calculate PRO RATA hours for yearly accrual as the accrual is awarded once per year


Day Off Type Settings:


Day off type settings allows you to activate additional day off types.




When you click edit on the day off types that are available you will note that there are multiple day off types available.


Columns available:




  1. Type: These are the days off types that have been added to the system.
  2. Status: Whether they are currently active / inactive.
  3. Activate / Inactivate buttons: These allow you to set the status of a type to inactive / active. You will notice that when a type’s status is changed it will move to the section accordingly in the list.
  4. Length of Services Settings: From here you can activate an additional day off type.
  5. PTO Deductions: From here you can select where the current active days off will be deducted from when a requested is completed for an employee.
  6. Available for employees: This will allow you to make it available to employees when they apply for the day off.


Once you have completed your selection, select to update the account.

Now setup length of service setting as well as the rules for each Day Off type is available for adjustment.


Notification Settings

This is allows you to set the parameters for notifications to be sent to employees regarding their accruals.


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