Tips and Commissions Module



Issue: Currently tips and commission permissions are based on employee type (manager or super manager).

Testing Steps:


  • Login as Client Lasco (they should have access to Tips & Commission - found on homepage tile)
  • Login as any other Account (they shouldn't have access to Tips & Commission - found on homepage tile)


  • Search for the second client you tested with under the "login as" screen, and edit there admin account settings.
  • at the bottom of the admin account settings screen there are modules
  • enable tips & commission for this client.


  • Login as the second client again
  • They should now have access to the Tips & Commission module


Issue: Currently the job title is displaying incorrectly on the wage index page

When a user that was saved in the old freetext field and opens the edit page:
No Job selected will display:

Job title not recognised.png


Once selecting a job from the dropdown and submitting the form:

Correct Job selected.png


The users job will display his job title instead of the code:

Correct Job title displayed.png


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