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When we updated the corporate account names (ex: G&A Core Benefits) all of the clients that were assigned to the original one by name (can't remember what it was) maintained the name in the page listing all of the account names ( ) but when you go into the actual client, the drop down for owned by no longer maintains that name and you can't re-assign.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 07.25.59.png

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Testing Steps: (production)

  • navigate to the admin preference screen for the client G&A Partners - CORE Benefits Solutions
  • change the owned by field to any of the G&A Partners - Houston Corporate office
  • enable the preference "Is this a payroll provider or PEO?"
  • save
  • Then navigate to the admin preference screen for PracticeMax, Inc.
  • Ensure that G&A Partners - CORE Benefits Solutions is available under the Owned By Select Box


IssueWhen we are assigning client admins to be associated to certain accounts, those accounts are missing from the assignment page.  you have to be logged in as danadmin.

Example: Kassie Ricks:

Trying to give her access to owned by G&A Partners CORE Benefits which does not exist on the list.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 07.28.38.png

Testing Steps:

  • Login as a SuperAdmin
  • Navigate to Clients > Manage user permissions
  • Select any user
  • Ensure "Demo Hourdoc LLC" OR "G&A Partners - CORE Benefits Solutions" displays under View OwnBy
    • based on the testing steps found on ticket 733 above










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