G&A Payroll Export - XSAL Hours not correct

Issue: exporting payroll with salary hours is bringing up inconstant values


Salary Exempt Default Hours Preference.png


Dev Review:

Dev found some issues where one employee taking PTO affected others, and also that employees that are Non-Exempt must have a default value specified.


752 - G&A Payroll Export - XSAL hours not correct.png



Update: I have fixed the PTO issue causing salary inconsistencies in the export.

752 - G&A Payroll Export - XSAL hours correct.png


Testing Steps:

  • Login as ChemPak
  • Navigate Payroll > View All Payrolls
  • Select a payroll with data (that has PTO hours for at least one employee.)
  • Export it (total Hours)
  • View Import file
  • confirm PTO is not affecting all other employees.



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