Update To Wage/Employment History Screen

In order to better track changes to employment history and ensure the most accurate capture of data between time and attendance and payroll, we have updated the employment screen.  In following logic with most payroll applications, you no longer edit an existing record, but create a new one entirely.  If you are updating a wage you must enter in all of the information related to that wage increase.

Screen Shot of Employment history:


A closer look:


Screen shot of wage history:


A closer look:



Screen shot of page when creating or updating a new employment / wage record:


If your account is synced with a payroll system supported by HourDoc's API system, you will see that the TYPE of employment will be synced and updated according to the parameters by the payroll system - this is point to be reviewed when setting up new accounts.

When creating a new record the details from the old record will be pulled into the new record and you have the ability to modify the values.

As usual, if there are Benefit Groups, Divisions, Job Titles are part of the company data configuration, they will be required as fields when setting / updating a new record.


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