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Jobs/Phases can be set up to allow your personnel to receive different wages depending upon the job being performed.


Navigation to Company Settings:

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Select the Jobs/Phases tab.


Currently WorkSight™ supports a primary job with three levels of sub-jobs or tiers. This allows your organization to set-up the following structure if so desired. For our example, we will use an automobile repair shop.

  • Garage - 1st tier or primary job
    • General Maintenance - 2nd tier
      • Oil Change - 3rd tier
        • Clean-Up - 4th tier

This structure would allow the manager to set-up a certain employee so that when working under General Maintenance they would be paid $10/hour but when working under Clean-up to be paid only $6/hour. WorkSight™ can not only track time and wages, we can also track the appropriate amount of overtime to be paid based from the Fair Labor Standards Act as set forth by the Department of Labor.



Jobs/Phases should only be used if your organization requires different wages to be paid according to the job performed. If the wage to be paid is a non-issue, we recommend you use the Location/Department structure.


Export Code Length

Since some payroll providers require not only a specific code, but a code length as well, the "Export Code Length" field allows you to define what those parameters are for each tier in your organization. If you have no need to define the Export Code Length, simply set the length to the maximum allowed value for each tier.


Job Activation:

Activating the job module in WorkSight is completed by the setup of tiers and their relation to each other.


The Jobs and Phases module in WorkSight is activated by creating the length of tiers and the import names. WorkSight requires that a length be set for the import name so that the system knows how to export the information.


Most companies utilize only two tiers. The export is limited to what you set in "Max Char Length". If the Job is Anderson Location, the export name could be al12341121. Please consult with your payroll provider to make sure that the import name correlates with the payroll data in their payroll system.

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