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The billing section is the basic contact information for your account and the address for tax forms used with the onBoarding module.  If you have outsourced your companies HR functions to a 3rd party PEO, their address most likely will populate the fields as their information is required for FEIN and tax purposes.  If you have multiple FEIN and billing locations for different entities within your organization, please reach out to our support team and we can assist you in that configuration.


Navigation to Account Billing Information

Home > Account Settings > Time & Attendance > Account Billing Information




Enter your zip code in the box and click anywhere outside of that box or hit the tab key.

The system will automatically load the tax location if you have entered a valid zip code. If you are not using the payroll module, this field will be blank.

WorkSight requires that this information be kept up to date. If there are changes, please make them as soon as possible.


If you are using the Payroll Module, this bank information window will be present.

Please fill out the appropriate information so that when your payroll is complete, the ACH files are created correctly.

The ABA number must be a nine (9) digit number. This is usually found in front of the account number on your check. If unsure, please contact your local bank branch for more information. 

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