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The Holidays/Events screen will allow you view the Holidays and Events that are currently active as well as allow you to add holidays/events. 

We will demonstrate how to do each with the steps that follow.

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Navigation to Holiday/Events Screen:

Menu > Account Settings > Time & Attendance > Holiday/Events > View All / Create New







When setting up your Holidays for the first time, WorkSight comes with a default list of holidays.

This list is updated every year with new dates and days so that you do not have to worry about setting that data yourself.

Once you have selected the holidays, you need to finish the configuration of that holiday. Completing the paid hours and office status is important to make sure that the hours are paid correctly in your payroll.

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Creating a Custom Holiday:


If there is a custom holiday outside of the default list, under the one-time holiday and events, create a new holiday and setup the parameters that meet your needs. There can be infinite holidays for your account.

If choosing a fixed date or a custom date is your preference, the fixed date will always incur on that exact day, where the custom date is always that day of the week, but the date will vary.

The amount of hours that are paid is according to your company policy. This is set per holiday, and not on an individual employee basis.


  • Fixed Date / Custom Date - Use these fields to define a fixed date event. Or in other words, an event that happens at an exact date, every year.
  • Paid Holiday Hours - Use this field to input how many hours you would like to apply to those users who are eligible for paid holidays. This will then be included for those users total time worked in your payroll report.
  • Location - In case of Holiday is applicable for a particular location only.
  • Available holiday to [ X ] Employees - Select whether this holiday is applicable to Hourly / Salaried Staff.
  • This event happens every year -Use this box to specify whether or not this event will happen every year for the dates specified. This prevents you from having to enter in the same event every year you wish to recognize it.
  • The office/business is closed for this event - By defining if your business is closed during the specified holiday/event, the Scheduler™ will not attempt to schedule personnel on that date.
  • Personnel may request not to work during this event - You may flag certain days that personnel may not request off. This is helpful during high volume dates when personnel attendance is critical to your business.
  • Personnel cannot request days off during this event - Employee cannot request for days’ off during this event / holiday.
  • Qualified personnel are paid time and a half for working this event - Use this field if you wish to pay your personnel time and a half for working during this event/holiday. Keep in mind these hours are separate from any overtime calculations.
  • Qualified personnel are paid double time for working this event - Use this field if you wish to pay your personnel double time for working during this event/holiday.
  • Must wait [ X ] days from hire date before eligible for Holiday Pay - Set this is this holiday only applies to employees that have been employed for a certain period of time.
  • Must work the day before to be eligible for holiday pay - Prevents an employee from being paid if they do not work the day before a holiday. Note: This includes weekends.
  • Must work the day after to be eligible for holiday pay - Prevents an employee from being paid if they do not work the day after a holiday. Note: This includes weekends.
  • No Holiday Pay if holiday is on: This option makes it that no Holiday Pay is eligible if the holiday falls on a specific day of the week.


Once you have completed creating your event/holiday; click “Submit”.

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Editing a holiday:

To edit a pre-set holiday click on “edit


The holiday will then open as per below.


From here you can make the necessary adjustments.

Once you are done, you can select Submit Form.

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Deleting Holidays: 

To delete a holiday click the red “X” next to the holiday that requires to be deleted.


Once deleted the holiday will be removed from the list.

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