Departments are designed to describe where your "personnel" belong. This helps the system determine where everyone works along with which Shifts need to be scheduled for each Department.

In the event that you need to alter a department, i.e. remove, you will need to associate all of the time entries of that department to the new department. If you do not change them, you will delete them, thus deleting all of the entries for your employees in that department. Please proceed with caution when changing departments.

You will note there is a warning message when selecting to edit a department underneath the submit form. e.g.:


Home > Account Settings > Time & Attendance > Departments > View All/Create New Departments/Department Overview






Creating a new Department

Home > Account Settings > Time & Attendance > Departments > Create New Department


Creating a new department allows it be assigned to any location in the account. You can copy this department to all locations in the company, if there is more than one.


You can also require any employee to select a job when tracking time, if they are assigned to this department.

Once you have completed the necessary changes, click “Submit Form”.


Edit Departments


To edit a department, click on "edit"

NOTE: When setting up a department where the department name is the same as the department ID, it is very important to enter the ID into the department ID field as well. Example:

  • Department Name - 1121
  • Department ID – 1121


Recommendation: Provide a unique name for the department to avoid confusion.

Once you have completed the necessary changes, click “Submit Form”.


Archiving a Department

If you wish to archive a department, click on the archive button next to the department.


If your account is set to sync with the payroll application you will be unable to archive departments.


Department Overview


Allows you to see the specific departments; with all the personnel that are currently associated with each.


From here you can associate more personnel by selecting “Associate Personnel”


There will be a drop down list showing all employees.


Select the employee to be associated with this department.


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