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WorkSight offers pay codes to be setup for common expenses that you may have setup for your company. In order to set pay codes for information that is to be passed to your payroll provider, please contact Support to assist you in that setup.


Create a New Pay Code:


If you wish to create a new pay code, select “Create New Pay Code” in the upper right corner by the Preferences Page Links, alternatively you can use the navigation menu.





It is very important that the pay code matches with your payroll system/provider's system.


Editing an existing Pay Code


By selecting ‘edit’; the name, the actual pay code type and import name can be set. It is important to ensure that the pay code and the import name are the same for the payroll system.





Create Pay Code for an Employee


To create a pay code entry for an employee, all entries must be tied to a time entry.


If the employee already has a time entry, go to either the payroll, TimeTracker or a TimeTracker report and choose the time entry that you would like to add the pay code/expense to.


In the event that there is no data, simply create a new entry from the TimeTracker menu. Make the time entry equal to zero and enter the information.





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