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The TimeTracker is the core gathering place for all entries that are recorded. Within this screen, you may sort all of the entries according to a set of predefined time constraints, or you may choose your own.  

Most often, the TimeTracker is used to see who has clocked in and to find entries without having to run a report.  

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Navigation to TimeTracker

Root Menu > TimeTracker


he TimeTracker does not calculate any type of overtime or other time related functions; you must run a report to see those totals and calculations. The TimeTracker will display all results for total time in actual time worked, i.e. 8 hours and 33 minutes.  

Decimal calculations are determined at the report and payroll level.  

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Finding Entries:

Search your entries by selecting a predefined period or specific dates. Type the employee name into the Personnel box; the employee name will appear in a drop-down to the right. 

Select the entry results required.


Click "Find Entries".



Click “Edit


Adjust the entry, add expense and piece rates, and track the history of the punches if they change overtime. WorkSight requests that any time a punch is made, create a note in the comments section. These entries will be permanently recorded so that at any time, reference can be made as to why a change took place.  

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Create a New Entry

Select Create New Entry from the page links on the top-right

If you change the Time Entry Type to Total Hours Worked, you can input the hours worked for the day, rather than a beginning and end time.


You can simply enter total hours worked, or start and end times for example 08:00 / 17:00 


You can enter in either the total time as 0:00 or same time to create an expense. You can review all the expenses either in the payroll, or run a pay code report from the Reports menu.  

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Clocked in Today

Select Clocked in Today from the page links on the top-right. You will immediately be shown who has arrived for the day. This link can also be seen on the home screen, under the notifications tab.



Excel Time Sheet Entries


Time entries can be entered via Microsoft Excel. By downloading a pre-filled template, you can easily insert total time worked for all employees for a specific time period. Once a time is entered, save the file as .csv files and upload by choosing the Upload Time-sheet option. 


Through this method, you may also upload expenses and job information. To download the form click Create Excel Timesheet.


Select/Complete the information below


Click Submit Form For the Time Sheet Excel, you must insert n/a if there is no job to be applied to the time entry. If there is no expense related information or notes, those fields may remain blank.

Save your file in .csv format, then upload. Browse to the location where you saved the file.



If your file format and information are filled in correctly, a summary screen allows you to review your entries and confirm. If there is an error, simply check the spreadsheet then re-upload. If no error presents select Confirm Upload.

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Time Sheet Entry


Create your time entry by end date and time OR start date and total hours worked.

Click on each box to populate employee, department and job. Should the employee be associated with more than one department or job, you will be prompted to select the relevant option via a pop-up window.

TIME TRACKER - Start/End Times

This is the start time this personnel began tracking time.

All time entries are in 12-hour format and should be entered as follows: hh:mm am/pm

Valid Enties:

8:00 am

10:00 pm

Invalid Entries:

15:00 (should you add a time entry in this format, it will automatically correct itself in the field.)


five o'clock

NOTE: You cannot enter both a start/end time as well as a total time. You can only enter one or the other.


Use this page to enter as many as 35 entries. Once all entries have been added, click Preview Submissions.

If all of the information is correct, click Confirm and Submit.


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