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This feature allows you to select the parameters for auto breaks.

If you find that your employees have a tendency to forget to indicate if they have taken a break, the Automatic Break Deduction feature has been designed for you. 


Navigation to Company Settings

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Select the Auto-Break tab


This feature has the ability to record how many minutes should be deducted from a user's time entry after the determined number of hours has passed.When the employee does however enter a break the Allow Manual Breaks will then ignore the Auto-Break Rule and enters the manual break for the employee.

There are three sets of deductions that can be set up:

  1. Primary Auto-Break Rules
  2. Auto-Break Rule Override
  3. Auto-Break Rule Override

Select how many minutes you want deducted for every X hours worked for up to a 24 hour period. When you review the time entries, each transaction will be labeled as an auto deduction.  Also, multiple breaks will be deducted if the conditions are met.  For example, for every 3 hrs worked 30 min is deducted; if the employee works a 6 hour shift, he/she will receive two 30 min breaks.  Because of this, care must be taken in determining how much time is worked before a break is taken. Generally, if an employee should receive a 30 min break on one eight hour shift, you would set 30 mins deducted for every 5 or 6 hrs worked.

In order for an employee to have his breaks auto-deducted from his/her time entries, go to the specific users’ preferences and flag them by checking the "Activate Auto-Break feature" box.


WorkSight performs all auto-break deductions at midnight. In other words, if you have either updated or activate your auto-break rules for the first time, you will be able to see those rules applied to your time entries from following day.


The use of the Automatic Break Deduction feature is done at your own risk and in no way does WorkSight retain any liability for potential employee litigation related to this feature. WorkSight HIGHLY recommends the placement and enforcement of company policy that would specify the requirement of all employees to manually enter his/her break time. If you have any questions or concerns in relation to this warning, please contact your sales representative as soon as possible.


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