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Scheduler Settings deals with your day off requests and how/if your employees can use these features.


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Enabling these settings allows employees to request days off and these are sent to a manager to be approved, edited or declined. These settings will also allow you to have the day off requests automatically approved and/or disabled by the feature if the employee does not have enough vacation or PTO.


  • Allow users to request days off - Enabling this option will allow your employee's to request days off from any computer that allows them to access to their account (IP controlled access). If enabled, please ensure "Day off Accrual" is set-up. 
  • Day-off request are automatically approved - This option assists the micromanaging of managers.


Employees will not require a managers’ approval therefore the possibility of several employees requesting for the same day and will automatically be approved may occur.

  • See other employee’s day off requests when requesting days off?
  • Enable day request to be applied to following payroll - If enabled the days off hours will not be paid until the following payroll.
  • Disable days off for employee's on finalized payroll - Once a payroll has been finalized an employee will no longer be able to request time off until the next payroll has begun.
  • Disable days off for employees with zero balance per Request Type- You may select this option if you do not want the employees to be able to request days off once they have used up their vacation and/or PTO
  • Enable days off for employees with zero balance as unpaid hours - Enabling this option will allow employees to request time off once they have used all of their vacation and PTO but mark them as unpaid. This will allow employees to request off but as UNPAID time off.
  • Auto-Post Schedules - Enabling this feature allows you to automatically post schedules, you then don't need to go in each day/week/month or year(depending on how your shift is set up) to post a schedule. NOTE - The schedule will only be activated once you click on the "Post Schedule" button. This feature does that for you.
  • Enable Shift Restrictions? - Employees will only be allowed to clock in during a shift on their posted schedule


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