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Many employers require that their employee’s hours are tracked according to jobs worked.

Jobs and phases allows the company to have a better grasp on the actual costs that it spends on labor and services performed for its’ clients.

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Navigation to Jobs and Phases:

Home > Account Settings > Time & Attendance > Jobs and Phases 





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View All Entries:

From here you will be able to view which entries are currently active.



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Setting up Jobs and Phases

The setup of the Jobs/Phases module is activated from the:

Home > Account Settings > Time & Attendance > Company Settings > Jobs/Phases Tab.


The max character length is tied to the import name that you would use if you were to import this data into your third party payroll software.

The tiers that you see represent the hierarchy that you can use to establish which jobs are linked together and part of a subset of another job.

Tier 1: Anderson Location

   Tier 2: Cleaning

      Tier 3: Mopping

         Tier 4: Waxing

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Creating new Job/Phase

Home > Account Settings > Time & Attendance > Jobs and Phases > Create New Entry


When you create a job, that job overwrites the general wage set for the employee. It is recommended that a job called “normal” or “regular” is created so employees can receive Holiday pay and vacation pay at a standard rate.


Job Name - This name is displayed throughout the system, often referred to as a common name.

Import Name - The name in which your third party software recognizes the Job Name for importing the file.

Job ID field - Strictly for tracking employee Jobs when they are using a clock, or other peripheral device.

Once the job is created, select the checkbox to have the assignments updated. The following box will then be displayed.


Any employee can clock into that job if the manager goes to the job menu and edits the job and assigns it to all employees. Please see the clock section for additional information on jobs and clocks supported by WorkSight.


There are three radio buttons


If an employee has a primary job assigned, the text of the first radio button should read:

Your current primary job is: #NAME


When an employee does not have a primary job assigned, the text should read:

Your current primary job is: No primary job has been assigned to your profile.


The first radio button should be selected by default if an employee has a primary job assigned.


The text of the second radio button should show the previous location at which the employee has clocked in.

If the employee does not have a primary department assigned, the second radio button should be selected by default, the first you will be unable to select.


The third radio button is used when the employee wants to clock in to a different job.

  • When selecting the third radio button, a select should show up where you can select a job location.
  • When selecting a location, another select should show up with sub locations.


This can drill down to between 2 to 4 levels, depending if a location has sub locations assigned.


When selecting a location, and sub locations are loaded but not selected and the clock in button clicked, the user should be alerted to select a sub location.


The department section should now show above the job/phase section.

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Editing Job and Phase

To edit a Job/Phase, click on the "edit" button.


Here you can change/edit info.


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How to enable jobs/phases for an employee

To enable the use of jobs for tracking time, the function needs to be assigned to each applicable employee. Enabling the function is done through Personnel/Personnel Hub.

To access the General Settings for Personnel you select ‘Personnel Hub


View All Personnel’ then select the applicable employee.


Click on the employee name that requires the job/phase to be set up. The general settings page will open, from here look for the TimeTracking section (located on the right side of the screen) and check the check box 'Require user to select a job when tracking time


Click 'Submit Form'

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How to assign jobs/phases to an employee

Assigning a job/phase to an employee is done through Personnel under Preferences. You navigate to the Personnel screen and by the applicable employee record you click on ‘Jobs/Phases’. The Job Association screen will now be displayed and one selects 'Create New Job Association':



Select the Job/Phase to be associated to the employee from the fields provided.  


Click 'Submit

The new job association is now assigned to the employee.


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How to make a job primary

In the instance where an employee is assigned to multiple jobs, one is able to set a specific job as their primary.

Click 'Assign Primary Job' by the applicable employee job association record.

This will now set that Job to the primary for the employee and on the Personnel Job Association screen it will reflect as such:



If at any stage, the employee primary job changes, one can simply select 'Assign Primary Job' by the new record and the association will update accordingly.

Now when the employee clocks in, the Primary Job will automatically populate but they can select a different job from the drop down provided:


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How to assign rates to a job

An employee can be assigned to multiple jobs each having a different rate of pay. In order to assign a rate to a specific job, click on 'manage wages' or ‘edit wages’ for the applicable job association record and completes the form provided.


Once complete, click 'Submit Form' and the rate is updated.

When the employee now works that particular job, he will be paid at the rate assigned as of the Start Date entered.

Manage Wages:

Select the manage wages as per image below for a job that currently has ‘No Wage History Found


Select ‘Input New Wage for <specified job>


Click ‘Submit Form

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How to remove a job from an employee

If a job association is no longer required, you are able to do so by checking the check box by the applicable record on the Personnel Job Association screen:

Click ‘Archive Selected Job Associations’ 

A confirmation popup will appear and after clicking on 'OK' the association is deleted:

Confirmation will appear showing that the association has now been removed.


When the employee clocks in, the archived job will no longer be available for selection from the drop down.

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