Personnel Set up



To create a new employee, select New Hire from the root menu as shown below.


Alternatively you can select to do so from Personnel Hub; choosing New hire below the managers section



Fill out all of the information for that employee and supply the username and password. All fields marked with a red line are required. 


Complete the requested Fields:

  • Personal Details
  • Login Details
  • Contact Details
  • Physical Address
  • Employment Settings
  • Time and Attendance Settings
  • Scheduler Settings


Personal Details:



Login Details:



Contact Details:



Physical Address:



Employment Settings:



Time and Attendance Settings:



Scheduler Settings:



Edit an Employee:

To edit an employee, you will navigate through Personnel Hub on the root menu.




The list all employee’s, select All; find the employee from the list, and select by clicking on their name. Your cursor will change when it moves over the persons’ name.



Deleting an Employee:

The WorkSight system needs to keep track of any records that are associated with the user.

For this reason you won't be able to delete an employee, but you can change the employee's status to In-active.


To deactivate an employee; Select “View All Personnel” and click the red "X" in the employee row. This will automatically change the employee's status to "In-Active".


Re-activating an in-active Employee:

You can re-activate an employee by changing his/her status to active.

Firstly toggle your employee list to view the inactive employees.

Click "view In-Active personnel".


Then click on the employee's name.


Change his/her status from In-active to Active.


Click on "Submit Form".


Be sure to toggle your view back to active employees when you are done.


Assign Rights and Privileges:

Assign employee rights and privileges by selecting all of the fields that you wish to apply to the new employee.

If the TimeTracker feature is not selected, the employee will be unable to clock in.
This is always checked by default.




Set a Primary Department

One of the most critical steps when creating a new employee is to ensure that when you create an association, make sure that the primary department button is selected. If not, there are many features in the system that will not function. Overtime and Holiday pay will only calculate if that field is selected.

If a primary department is not set the system does not include days off in the payroll file. The payroll section will clue you into this behaviour.


When you click "edit/manage" under the days off hours, you will see a window that lists all days off requested. If you are not viewing the employee's primary dept. or if the employee does not have one you will see a notice that says "Please Read."

Click "associations" on the employee's row.

Click "edit association".


Select the department you wish to set as a Primary Department.


Select the "Check if Primary Department" checkbox.

Click "Submit Form". 



If Holidays or Days Off do not show up in payroll, the most likely cause is that the user is not setup with a "Primary Department."


Create a New Department Association:

Employees can have multiple department associations.

To add a new association click on “associations”.


Click "create new association."  


Choose the new department the employee will be associated to and if appropriate mark the primary department checkbox.  


Click "Submit Form".


Archiving an Department Association:

When selecting to archive a department, please note the warning that is presented.





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