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This article takes the user through the process of creating a manager as well as setting up manager permissions and restrictions. You will learn how to assign a manager to specific departments and how to limit managers to specific employees, useful for departments with multiple managers.


A short explanation of the available permissions is provided in the permission setup section.

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Navigation to Personnel Hub:

Root Menu > Personnel Hub > Managers > View All Entries



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Create New Manager:

Employees with Managerial access; permissions and abilities can be set in this section.


Complete information as required; select the permissions & settings accordingly.

Click "Submit Form" when done.

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Edit Permissions:

If an employee has managerial access, they will be listed on the screen below, select ‘edit permissions’ to configure the permissions accordingly.


The menu at the right will allow you to choose specific functions and roles you need that manager to perform. Please choose the selections carefully as these fields will allow access to critical areas of information.


For example, if you select view employees earnings, that information will appear in all reports and payrolls.

  • Receive Day Off Requests email - Give the manager the permission to receive day off request emails.
  • Is Supervisor - You can setup the manager as a supervisor.
  • Receive email in HTML format - Receives all related emails in an HTML format.
  • Manage OnBoarding - If your company has selected the OnBoarding module, this option will give this manager access to manage OnBoarding.
  • Skip personal verification through OnBoarding - Selecting this will enable the manager to skip the OnBoarding process.
  • Allow OnBoarding document deletions - This enables the manager is allowed to delete documents of employees in OnBoarding.
  • Copy Permissions - This allows you to set up multiple managers with the same permissions.


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Assign Manager Departments:


When you create a manager, you need to assign the departments they are responsible for. Managers can be assigned to more than one department.

Click the "manage Department assignments”.


Then click "Assign New Location/Department Association”.


You can multi-select departments by pressing down and holding "Ctrl" key while clicking on the selected departments.


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Ability to Create Sub-Managers:

Managers have the ability to create/edit an employee to make them a sub-manager provided they have the correct permissions set. If the manager has this permission available, they will be able to set the sub-managers permission to the same level of their own settings. 

Once a manager has created a sub manager you will not on the personnel hub that the sub-manager has "Manager made by: Jack Black" under the manager type.


If a super manager / admin changes one of the permissions of the manager that had created the sub-manager, the sub-managers permissions level will automatically be adjusted as well. 

In order for a manager to be able to create sub-managers the following setting is required:

Personnel Hub > Managers > View All > selected Manager > Edit Permissions 



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How to configure personnel access limitation for managers:

Personnel Hub > Managers > View all Entries

Select “Manage Department Assignments


Select ‘Limit Personnel


In the drop-down select Limited Access. 


Only those employees who have a checkbox next to their name are visible to that manager.

Then click "Limit Personnel".

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