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The ClientTracker offers you the ability to track job time specifically to a particular client. Jobs are not limited and can be allocated or limited to any employee.






Select the required tab:




Create New Entry



To create a new client, select Create New Entry from the navigation menu. Alternatively you can do so from the preference links on the top right should you already be in one of the other Client Tracker screens. WorkSight can track an infinite amount of clients.




When you select Create New Entry, the above appears. When you are creating a client, you have the option to set a default rate, which applies to all entries created.

In creating and assigning a new client, you may also allow only certain employees to have access to that client. To select multiple employees, hold down your control key as you select the employees with the click of your mouse.

When the employee logs into their account, they only see the clients assigned to them.


Assign Client Jobs




Once you have created the client, you need to create specific jobs for that client, such as accounting, payroll, etc.

Here you will easily be able to select a job and the clients that are to be associated to that job.




To select multiple clients, hold down your control key as you select the clients to be associated with job.

Once your selection is complete, “Assign Jobs


Assign Clients


Please note that the employee will need to be set-up to allow Client Tracking, this can be done under their preferences, on the right-hand list.

Personnel Hub > View All Personnel > Select Employee




From here you will return to the Client Tracker screen:




You have the option to assign multiple clients to one employee.

Select the Employee.

Select the Client.




Again when selecting to assign clients to an employee, use the control key when clicking to select/de-select multiple clients to be associated with the selected employee.

Once selection is complete, select Assign Clients.


Assign Jobs


From here you will have the ability to assign multiple jobs to a single employee.

Select the employee, hold in control and select the required jobs that need to be assigned to the employee. After you have selected these, click Assign Jobs




Quick Edit Jobs




This option will allow you to make quick edits to the jobs description. Select the required job and select the edit icon.





Once you have made the necessary changes, click Submit.

Should you wish to remove specific jobs that are no longer required, select the red “X” next to the selected job.

A confirmation pop-up will appear, select ok.


View All Entries




To easily manage your jobs, select Manage Jobs located under each of the client headings, as shown here.

When you select to “View All Entries”, select “ALL”, to see all Clients that are currently active.





To access the client information itself, select edit.




To manage the jobs that have been assigned to the client, select manage jobs.




From this screen you can easily determine which employees have been assigned to which job. In the event that there are a large number of employees, a scroll box will be displayed.

Create New Job: You are able to create jobs in groups of three. There is no limit to the amount of jobs you can add. In creating a job, you can also specify a rate that pertains to each job.




Assign Employees: The box to the right contains all of the assigned employees. To select multiple employees, hold down the control key.




Edit: To edit the Client Sub Job and the rate for this, simply select the edit button; update accordingly and click Submit Form.




If you have selected to assign a job, and then need to remove it, simply select the red “X” next to the job name and they are removed.

Your Client Tracker is now ready for use by the employee.

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