Reports: Attendance Report




This report shows the employees who have clocked in late or early, and clocked out late or early.

You can view time entries anywhere from 1-59 minutes that deviate from the employee’s associated shifts.


Setting up a New Attendance Report




Select the relevant criteria required:




Step 1 - Area: Choose the personnel required for the report.

Step 2 - Time Frame: Period the report is required for.

Step 3 - Report Name: Name of the report.

Step 4 - Misc: Any additional Requirements for the report.


Should you already have reports listed simply select the additional page link on the top right.

Once you have created the report, you can save the results or begin a new report.


You have additional option with regards to the reports: 


View Results


From here you will be able to view the results of any previous reports that you have set up.





Export to Excel Format




This option allows you to export to an excel spreadsheet.




Edit / View Parameters




Allows you to edit the existing parameters of the report.


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