TimeCard Approval (preparing a new payroll file from TLM)

The time card approval process is simple and easy to use. It allows all entries that have been captured by the system to be displayed in a format that shows all calculations for any rules and criteria that has been set in the preferences section.

If there is an overtime setting, overtime will be calculated; if there are holiday entries and day off requests that have been approved, those will be calculated and added to the payroll totals.


From this module, any time entry can be accessed. Any change that is made will be reflected throughout the system. There is no need to make a run a new report, make changes, then go back into the payroll and re-calculate.

If the time card is ready to export you can click on finalize all departments and the Export option will appear.


Creating a TimeCard file for Payroll


Click Timecard Approval from the root menu.




You will be directed to this page; select Begin New Payroll from the links on the top-right.




Complete the required fields and Submit Form.




  1. Payroll Name: You need to give your payroll a name for referencing reasons. 
  2. Pay Period Start/End Date: Select the date range (Defaults to Current Pay Period).
  3. Click to query your previous pay period: Will re-run the last payroll
  4. Include in-active personnel: Include In-Active employees to the payroll
  5. Show Hourly/ Salaried Emp. Only: Set the payroll to only include Hourly Employees or Only Salaried employees. If you want your payroll to include both Salaried and Hourly, Do not check either of the check boxes
  6. Locations/Departments:
    • Include specific Locations/Departments in your payroll. This can be done by pressing down and holding the "Ctrl" button while clicking on the departments you would like to add. 
    • You can click on the "All Locations - Departments" checkbox and this will include all Locations/Departments to you payroll.

Now that we have gone through all of the settings, click "Submit Form" to generate your  payroll.

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