Payroll: Finalization, Payroll Generation & Exporting Payroll


Select Timecard Approval


Locate the payroll that requires approval, select view payroll data


Select the Location/Department to be approved, view data


After you have reviewed all of the time entries, you are now ready to finalize the payroll and export to your payroll provider.


When you completed all your overrides, you need to click Finalize Payroll Data for This Department. This sets this department to a 100% complete status. You need to do this for all the departments in order to export your Payroll.


Exporting Payroll and Reports

Once the payroll has been finalized, you can now export the payroll, print time sheets and export to an excel spread sheet for further and more in-depth analysis.



In order to Export to General Payroll a manager must be able to process this; the manager requires the following settings to be activated by an administrator through the Company Settings (Manage Payroll & Export Payroll):



General Payroll

This allows you export your payroll information to a third party payroll processor.


Select the completed payroll to be exported.




Selecting this will allow you to email the payroll file to either yourself or the company responsible for creating your paychecks.

You need to contact WorkSight to choose what payroll processor you need to export your data to, i.e. ADP, Paychecks, Ceridian, Quick-books and so on. Fill out the email that you would like to send the file to, or if you are generating it for your own in-house system, simply select Create Payroll Export.


The file will be created and can now be accessed under Payroll, and View Payroll Exports. If you email the file to yourself, it is simpler to save the file on your desktop from your email and then import into your system; if you are doing your entire payroll in house. 

Should you find any mistakes during the process, simply go back into the payroll, make your adjustments, finalize the payroll information again, and select to export. This can be done infinite times.



New Hires Alert

This alerts your payroll provider for new hires in your company.


Additional Options:


Print All Personnel

Selecting Print all Personnel will allow you to print a summary sheet for all employees in your system that are part of this particular payroll.

Print All Time Sheets

This function is the process for printing all of the time sheets, if you wish to include a hard copy of time entries with your checks. Each employee will be printed on one page with all of their time entries. There is a place for a signature if you wish the employee to acknowledge the hours. If you wish to print just one time sheet for one employee or for one department, choose Print all time sheets button.

Export as Spreadsheet

Export all payroll data to an excel spreadsheet so that you can manipulate the data as required.


This will mark all departments as approved, mark your payroll as 100% completed and will be ready and able to export.



The departments that were just approved shows "x out of x approved".


If there are multiple managers responsible for completing this process for their own departments, the payroll manager can easily see who has finalized their department.

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