Installing a cellular modem with a G1 Genus clock

Installing a wireless modem in a G1 Genus time clock is outlined with the steps below.  Your cellular modem should have been pre-configured and already provisioned to connect to a carrier network (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc.)

Please read through all of the instructions first before connecting.  This will help you orient the steps.

Tools required:

  1. Key to clock
  2. Small flat edged screw driver


This picture outlines the connection ports you will use to connect the modem to the clock.



Step 1

Turn the time clock over and remove the 8 pin connector on the left hand side.


Connect the power cord to the 8 pin connector on the time clock using the pictures as a reference.  The power cord contains three exposed wires: red, white and black.  The ends of the cords have been scored for easy removal.  Remove the scored ends.

With the scored ends removed, insert the wires into the pin connector.  The wires match up to the ports when the 8 pin connector is plugged into the clock.

White = Power

Black = Ground

Red = +18VDC


Plug the 8 PIN connector back into the clock.


Step 2

Thread the antenna through the open hole on the mounting bracket and screw the antenna into the jack on the modem.  

Plug the grey power cord into the power jack on the modem.

Plug the yellow ethernet cord into the modem.


Step 3

Snap the plate into the mounting bracket of the clock.


Step 4

Plug the yellow ethernet cord into the ethernet jack on the clock.

Plug the clock power cord into the power adapter on the clock.

Step 5

Power the clock on by plugging the power supply into a wall outlet.  You should hear the clock beep and begin its boot sequence.  You should also see the power lights starts to flash on the modem.  If lights do not appear on the modem, please check your connections on the 8 pin connector and make sure they are tight.

Re-attach the clock face to the mounting bracket and lock the unit into place.  The clock is now ready to start receiving punches and pushing the recorded punch data to the TLM application.


Please contact your support team if you have any questions.




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