Day Off Accrual report enhancements

New columns have been added to the Day Off Accruals report so that the managers are able to view the accrual rates and employment status for employees without having to hover over each employees earned column or navigating to an employees history.

Earned Column:

This assists managers with auditing employee accrual rates.  The rate displayed is the rate that the employee accrues at based on their accrual tier.

Employee Status Column:

This assists managers with viewing an employees employment status at a glance without needing to navigate to the employees employment.

If an the status column is "No user history", the employee does not have a status set in their history.



The "Export" column has a button to download an individual employees data.

This data is broken down as below:

  • Employee Name
  • PTO Type
  • Current PTO Details
  • Accrual Break Down

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