WorkSight: Geo Location Code Validation

We have updated the new hire’s completion process to include Geo Location Validation. This functionality will auto populate the required fields for the physical address while employee completes their onBoarding Progress and when Managers update the employee screens.

The Geo location validation will auto-populate the fields:

  • City
  • State
  • County
  • Geo-Location

The following screens are affected:

  1. OnBoarding Progress: Personal Information.

Address 1 is a required field and this is completed by the employee.

Once you enter the Zip/Postal Code the system will generate the data for the employee.

  1. When Editing an Existing Employee:

  1. Creating a new employee:

And if the account is set-up to not sync with HR Prism; the system will allow for Geo Location Validation to be completed when adding a new employee.

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